Monday, 29 April 2019

Juno's eFaxing integration just got better!

As many clients will have noticed over the past few weeks we've been rolling out some significant updates to our eFaxing integration aimed at streamlining the process, lowering maintenance costs and showing more data directly in Juno EMR.

Firstly, we're excited to announce that as of May 1 all customers who have been transitioned to the new eFax integration with SRFax will no longer be charged any monthly fees for the incoming fax integration!  Some of our clients are still on our old fax integration but we can migrate any customer at any time and we're hopeful that we can get everyone migrated to the new system within the next week or two.

The new eFax integration connects Juno to SRFax directly through its API to send and receive faxes. We are also using the API to pull fax statuses out of SRFax and into the Juno Admin panel. If you go to the Admin link in Juno you will see the "Faxes" category. Listed within this category is a "Fax Configuration" tab where you can set-up and manage your SRFax integration as well as a "Fax Sent/Received" tab where you can view all of your faxes and their associated statuses.

Fax Configuration

If you're currently using the old SRFax integration our support team will assist you with the transition to and configuration of the new fax system to ensure it goes smoothly. To get started you can either email our support team to ask them to make the change right away or alternatively they will contact you when we're ready to help make your update. The transition is painless and simply requires a reconfiguration of your settings. If you're new to eFaxing altogether with Juno we can help you get set-up for eFax by contacting our support team once you have your own SRFax account. eFaxing can be enabled for your outgoing prescriptions, consults, documents and eForms and it can be enabled for all incoming faxes directly to your Juno Inbox.

Faxing Reports

The Fax Sent/Recieved link in the Juno Admin panel allows you to see the status of all faxes sent/received in your EMR. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like when its active!

In this way you can easily check right in Juno EMR to see if your sent faxes were successful. Our new fax integration also tells you right when you're faxing if there are any initial connection issues with sending your faxes such as invalid numbers or problems with your SRFax account.

With this new fax integration Juno will automatically be marking your incoming faxes as "read" in SRFax once they've been downloaded so that they aren't downloaded to Juno again. Because of this it is important to note that you don't want to be viewing your "new" documents directly in SRFax or that will mark them as "read" and they will not get automatically placed into your Juno Inbox.