Friday, 26 April 2019

Juno EMR Patch Notes for 2019-04-26

🔹New Development Releases

Released to all clients
  • (#198) Added handling of new Excelleris BCAA Cervical Cancer Screening Report format available in May.
  • (#203) Document preview page now links to same tickler add page as other Juno EMR links.
  • (#207) Added additional tickler service date quick option links.
Released to some clients (coming soon for all clients)
  • (#205) Added timer to classic UI e-chart notes.
  • (#6382) Added appointment reason toggle user preference setting. 
  • (#193) Added search by Email function and refactored new UI patient search.
  • (#211) Added line by line duplicate checking to remittance file upload process.
  • (#216) Added security log entries for linking and un-linking labs and documents with providers.
  • (#222) Refactored the security log report page.

🔸Bug Fix Releases

Released to all clients
  • (#6377) Fixed slow waitlist query issue.
  • (#2967) Change to handling of AHS pathology lab results. Result status will be "unknown".
  • (#6362) Prevent card readers from bypassing dob validation requirements.
  • (#6393) Fixed printing errors on some health forms.
  • (#6372) Fixed clinic specific schedules for multi-sites.
  • (#6350) Added status group parameter to clinicaid billing.
  • (#6388) Fixed rx eform tags not displaying for rx with no frequency.
  • (#6402) Fixed flowsheet measurement dates missing leading 0.
  • (#6404) Fixed consultation attachments not saving with new consultations.
  • (#6372) Fixed issue showing all doctors in site specific schedule view.
  • (#6348) Fixed date issue in forms that could prevent saving.
  • (#6350) Add status_group url parameter to clinicaid invoice connection.
  • (#6353) Fixed eform error that could occur with strange dates.
  • (#6389) Fixed split document flagging pdfs as corrupted.
  • (#5921) Allow documents with errors to be uploaded again, but flag them as corrupted.
  • (#6334) Prevent appointment page errors when patient has an invalid birth date.
  • (#5241) Fixed issues causing problem with custom flow sheets.
  • (#6311) Fixed inbox search confirmation occurring on document close.
  • (#6325) Fixed duplicate demographics appearing in search due to multiple merge records.
  • (#6329) Fixed invoice referring provider being matched to provider with empty billing number.
  • (#6348) Fixed error in BCAR2007 form.
Released to some clients (coming soon for all clients)
  • (#6414) Fixed multisite schedule not filtering appointments booked at one clinic showing when another clinic is selected.
  • (#6363) Fixed issues with EDD eform tag.
  • (#6135) Fixed eform export names with '/' not exporting correctly.
  • (#6454) Fixed null provider error with Sign Save and Bill button.