Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Juno EMR - Launch of our new User Interface!

We have officially launched our newest User Interface!  With the Juno UI, there are a lot of modern features included that will help manage your daily workflow. You can access this new Juno UI by clicking on the Juno icon located at the top left side of the main scheduling page.

Some of the new modern features in our new Juno UI are:
- The dashboard is unique for each individual provider, showing an organized to-do list for the day.
- Clicking on the icon on left side will open a side panel that allows the Care Providers to view their schedule at a quick glance.

Modern Patient Encounter Chart
The encounter notes can remain open as you move between other sections of the EMR. So you can add to your note while navigating the eChart, checking prescriptions, or looking at your patients' documents.
- Incoming section is a feature that displays labs that have come in for that particular patient.

A Brand New Scheduler
- The ability to drag & drop appointments directly on the appointment page.
- Quickly edit a scheduled appointment by clicking on it. This will pop up instantly allowing you to make changes quickly.
- Any changes that you make in the new UI will reflect in the classic UI as the database is connected and synced.
To change your default setting from the classic Oscar UI to the new Juno UI you can click on User Settings in the drop down menu in the top right hand corner under you user profile. Otherwise you can also use the Icon in the top left hand corner to move between the two different UI's depending on your personal preference.
Visit our YouTube Channel to watch the tutorial of our New Juno UI!


Happy Holidays from the team at Juno EMR