Patch Notes Updates

2019-05-07 Patch Notes

The following updates have been released to Juno EMR. These updates have been coordinated and launched in batches until they have reached all clients.
  • Changes to note saving logic to prevent edge case errors.
  • Fixed the SOAP API Appointment endpoint so that the last update user is not ignored.
  • Fixed issue where creating a tickler from the document preview page would refresh the document preview.
  • Fixed some ClinicAid rate limit issues with eligibility checking in Ontario.
  • Fixed image load in prescriptions when the signature is blank.
  • Fixed open encounter note disappearing when a CPP note was added in the new UI.

2019-05-06 Patch Notes   -  RELEASE COMPLETED

Starting tonight we will begin the release of the following updates for Juno EMR. These updates will be launched in batches until they have reached all clients.
  • Within the Consultations Request page there is a new drop down menu to select the referring physician.
  • Renamed the "Clinic/Agency Address" link in the Administration page to "Manage Clinic Details"
  • New watermark feature added for prescriptions. The watermark feature can be activated and a watermark image can be uploaded via the Manage Clinic Details page in the Admin.
  • Fax outbox page improved to provide clearer information on the status of the faxes, reasons for faxing failure, as well as improved functionality to retry sending faxes.