Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Juno EMR - Launch of our new User Interface!

We have officially launched our newest User Interface!  With the Juno UI, there are a lot of modern features included that will help manage your daily workflow. You can access this new Juno UI by clicking on the Juno icon located at the top left side of the main scheduling page.

Some of the new modern features in our new Juno UI are:
- The dashboard is unique for each individual provider, showing an organized to-do list for the day.
- Clicking on the icon on left side will open a side panel that allows the Care Providers to view their schedule at a quick glance.

Modern Patient Encounter Chart
The encounter notes can remain open as you move between other sections of the EMR. So you can add to your note while navigating the eChart, checking prescriptions, or looking at your patients' documents.
- Incoming section is a feature that displays labs that have come in for that particular patient.

A Brand New Scheduler
- The ability to drag & drop appointments directly on the appointment page.
- Quickly edit a scheduled appointment by clicking on it. This will pop up instantly allowing you to make changes quickly.
- Any changes that you make in the new UI will reflect in the classic UI as the database is connected and synced.
To change your default setting from the classic Oscar UI to the new Juno UI you can click on User Settings in the drop down menu in the top right hand corner under you user profile. Otherwise you can also use the Icon in the top left hand corner to move between the two different UI's depending on your personal preference.
Visit our YouTube Channel to watch the tutorial of our New Juno UI!


Happy Holidays from the team at Juno EMR

Thursday, 3 October 2019

MyHealthAccess is FREE!

Yes, you read that right! Juno is proud to announce that our MyHealthAccess patient portal is now included in your Juno subscription. This means that automated reminders, 24/7 online booking and secure patient messaging are now included with your EMR at no extra cost!

What's more, we've launched our MyHealthAccess platform as mobile applications in the app-stores for Android and iOS so your patients can book appointments and read their notifications from the convenience of their mobile phones.

If you're not already using our MyHealthAccess system to streamline your patient bookings and notifications, please send an email to support@junoemr.com to get started today!

We are also continuing our work on MyHealthAccess to launch a TeleHealth integration within the app. This will be very tightly integrated with Juno so you can easily book and launch Telehealth visits with your patients right from your EMR. More details to follow soon!

Friday, 9 August 2019

MyHealthAccess Overhaul

We're very excited to announce some major changes for our MyHealthAccess patient portal which will be launching shortly. Within the next two weeks we'll be launching a new responsive website design which will allow patients to do their online booking easily on a PC, tablet or mobile device. Shortly after the launch of the new UI we'll also be launching new mobile applications for Android and iPhones to enhance MyHealthAccess with a native mobile experience. 

We're also going to be launching the beta of our new Telehealth application which will be tightly integrated with your Juno EMR and a patients MyHealthAccess app. We're very excited about these major updates to our program and look forward to an exciting end of summer! 

If you'd like to check out the beta site for MyHealthAccess you can login now with your patient account at https://beta.myhealthaccess.ca or check out this sneak peek screenshot... 

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Excelleris PDF Reports

Great news! New PDF reports are now available through Excelleris for our clients in British Columbia!  What does this mean?  Having access with receiving even more reports directly and electronically to your Juno inbox! Saving you more time and keeping patient files efficiently up to date! 
Previously the following reports were coming in by fax or courier:

  • BCCA GYNE notifications
  • TRANSFHA with PDF, which includes:
    • FHA Endoscopy
    • FHA Maternal Fetal Medicine
    • FHA Early Pregnancy Assessment
    • FHA ER Discharge
    • FHA Psychiatry
  • CST Transcriptions (TRANSCST)
  • CST Cardiology (CardioCST)
  • LifeLabs eWave
  • IH Clinical Documents
Now these reports will be direct into your Juno inbox continuing efficiencies and streamline your workflow!

New Juno Scheduler

Juno EMR has been receiving a virtual face-lift in the new Juno UI!  To check out how the new Juno UI looks in your EMR all you need to do is click the green Oscar icon on the top left of your main schedule screen. Our development team has been focused on creating the best efficiencies within the Juno EMR program and we're excited to announce that our new scheduler will be rolling out for all clients over the next few weeks!

The new scheduler allows you to drag and drop appointments, drag to change their length, and it is much more responsive and pleasant to look at than the old scheduler. It also comes with an option to use the chart from the old UI if desired.

Here's a sneak peak of what the new scheduler looking like...

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Juno EMR Referral Program

A referral is the greatest compliment a company can receive. If you're happy with your Juno EMR service, please let your friends know and help us spread the word.

You will receive a $249 account credit for every referral who decides to use Juno EMR as a thank you gesture from us to you.

To refer your friends just fill out the form below and we'll send a quick email to let them know about our program.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Meet-up with the Juno EMR Team!

Juno EMR has moved into a new office space in downtown Victoria and we’d like to invite you all to join us for an open house to meet our team, other Juno EMR friends and check out the new space. Learn more about our new services such as the changes happening to MyHealthAccess app and the Virtual Nursing program!

Enjoy drinks, music and mingling.

Location: Cloud Practice HQ (#302 – 31 Bastion Square, Victoria BC)
Dates: Friday, June 21st, 2019
Time: 5pm - 8pm

Please RSVP here to let us know that you’re coming and we encourage you to bring a friend who might be interested in learning more about Juno EMR!

We’d love to have you join us!

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Newest Features!

Watermark Feature:
Based on client requests we have now added a new watermark feature for prescriptions! This will help eliminate any potential fraudulent prescriptions being made. Once the watermark feature is activated a watermark image can be uploaded via the Manage Clinic Details pages under the Administration tab. Contact our support team to help set up your watermark today!

Referring a Doctor:
Being able to select a referring doctor is now a simple click away!  Now under the Consultation Request page you can now simply select from the drop box to add the referring doctor of choice for any future consultations.

Measurement Data:
Easier and more efficient! Measurement data can be entered directly into the current open encounter note instead of creating a new encounter note entry. Saving you time and keeping your encounter notes up to date with less clicks! 

We Love Referrals!

We are excited to announce that we are offering 1 Free Month of Juno EMR for every successful Referral!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Juno's eFaxing integration just got better!

As many clients will have noticed over the past few weeks we've been rolling out some significant updates to our eFaxing integration aimed at streamlining the process, lowering maintenance costs and showing more data directly in Juno EMR.

Firstly, we're excited to announce that as of May 1 all customers who have been transitioned to the new eFax integration with SRFax will no longer be charged any monthly fees for the incoming fax integration!  Some of our clients are still on our old fax integration but we can migrate any customer at any time and we're hopeful that we can get everyone migrated to the new system within the next week or two.

The new eFax integration connects Juno to SRFax directly through its API to send and receive faxes. We are also using the API to pull fax statuses out of SRFax and into the Juno Admin panel. If you go to the Admin link in Juno you will see the "Faxes" category. Listed within this category is a "Fax Configuration" tab where you can set-up and manage your SRFax integration as well as a "Fax Sent/Received" tab where you can view all of your faxes and their associated statuses.

Fax Configuration

If you're currently using the old SRFax integration our support team will assist you with the transition to and configuration of the new fax system to ensure it goes smoothly. To get started you can either email our support team to ask them to make the change right away or alternatively they will contact you when we're ready to help make your update. The transition is painless and simply requires a reconfiguration of your settings. If you're new to eFaxing altogether with Juno we can help you get set-up for eFax by contacting our support team once you have your own SRFax account. eFaxing can be enabled for your outgoing prescriptions, consults, documents and eForms and it can be enabled for all incoming faxes directly to your Juno Inbox.

Faxing Reports

The Fax Sent/Recieved link in the Juno Admin panel allows you to see the status of all faxes sent/received in your EMR. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like when its active!

In this way you can easily check right in Juno EMR to see if your sent faxes were successful. Our new fax integration also tells you right when you're faxing if there are any initial connection issues with sending your faxes such as invalid numbers or problems with your SRFax account.

With this new fax integration Juno will automatically be marking your incoming faxes as "read" in SRFax once they've been downloaded so that they aren't downloaded to Juno again. Because of this it is important to note that you don't want to be viewing your "new" documents directly in SRFax or that will mark them as "read" and they will not get automatically placed into your Juno Inbox.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Juno EMR Patch Notes for 2019-04-26

🔹New Development Releases

Released to all clients
  • (#198) Added handling of new Excelleris BCAA Cervical Cancer Screening Report format available in May.
  • (#203) Document preview page now links to same tickler add page as other Juno EMR links.
  • (#207) Added additional tickler service date quick option links.
Released to some clients (coming soon for all clients)
  • (#205) Added timer to classic UI e-chart notes.
  • (#6382) Added appointment reason toggle user preference setting. 
  • (#193) Added search by Email function and refactored new UI patient search.
  • (#211) Added line by line duplicate checking to remittance file upload process.
  • (#216) Added security log entries for linking and un-linking labs and documents with providers.
  • (#222) Refactored the security log report page.

🔸Bug Fix Releases

Released to all clients
  • (#6377) Fixed slow waitlist query issue.
  • (#2967) Change to handling of AHS pathology lab results. Result status will be "unknown".
  • (#6362) Prevent card readers from bypassing dob validation requirements.
  • (#6393) Fixed printing errors on some health forms.
  • (#6372) Fixed clinic specific schedules for multi-sites.
  • (#6350) Added status group parameter to clinicaid billing.
  • (#6388) Fixed rx eform tags not displaying for rx with no frequency.
  • (#6402) Fixed flowsheet measurement dates missing leading 0.
  • (#6404) Fixed consultation attachments not saving with new consultations.
  • (#6372) Fixed issue showing all doctors in site specific schedule view.
  • (#6348) Fixed date issue in forms that could prevent saving.
  • (#6350) Add status_group url parameter to clinicaid invoice connection.
  • (#6353) Fixed eform error that could occur with strange dates.
  • (#6389) Fixed split document flagging pdfs as corrupted.
  • (#5921) Allow documents with errors to be uploaded again, but flag them as corrupted.
  • (#6334) Prevent appointment page errors when patient has an invalid birth date.
  • (#5241) Fixed issues causing problem with custom flow sheets.
  • (#6311) Fixed inbox search confirmation occurring on document close.
  • (#6325) Fixed duplicate demographics appearing in search due to multiple merge records.
  • (#6329) Fixed invoice referring provider being matched to provider with empty billing number.
  • (#6348) Fixed error in BCAR2007 form.
Released to some clients (coming soon for all clients)
  • (#6414) Fixed multisite schedule not filtering appointments booked at one clinic showing when another clinic is selected.
  • (#6363) Fixed issues with EDD eform tag.
  • (#6135) Fixed eform export names with '/' not exporting correctly.
  • (#6454) Fixed null provider error with Sign Save and Bill button.