Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Check out our new site!

Juno EMR Services is excited to announce the launch of our new site today at! With our name change in February this year we thought it was high time to update the look and feel of our marketing site as well. Please let us know if you like it and if you see any issues with it you can always contact us.

Please note that other than some colors on our corporate site nothing else is changing with your EMR at this time. Login pages function the exact same as always except that now they're outlined in blue instead of red. We hope you like it!

Juno EMR Services

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Summer is in full swing!

Summer is in full swing!
To celebrate, we thought we’d show you a bit of what we do behind the scenes to keep your Juno EMR instances up and running at their highest capability.

First, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our previous feedback letter, as well as your patience with the Capterra review request. We had some fantastic responses and for each review, Capterra had made a donation to "Girls Who Code", an organization that is dedicated to helping teach girls the power of software and coding, helping them break into the tech industry, so thank you all for helping to get the good word out!

Hardware Upgrades

As you all know, we take our hosting and support services very seriously and do all we can to continue to provide the best service for Oscar McMaster possible.

This year we’ve begun updating all of our clients to Oscar 15 which is an ongoing process, there was a number of updates to the software that needed to be completed before we happy with what we could provide to our clients.

Oscar 15 is quite a bit more resource intensive than Oscar 12.1 so one of the solutions we've implemented to keep your servers running as quickly as possible was to replace all of our server hard drives with Solid State Drives, which are capable of exponentially faster load and access times than traditional hard drives. This means there will be no bottleneck when accessing your server under heavy usage.

This of course was done at no additional cost to yourselves, as all hardware is part and parcel of our hosting services.

Software Upgrades

Some of our clients at larger clinics who require heavy schedule use in Oscar 15 were experiencing some slowdown when loading Oscar's native scheduling.

Our programmers had investigated and have spent several weeks refactoring all of the backend coding behind how the schedule works, removing a huge amount of unnecessary bloat and optimizing for all situations.

The result of this update was that the schedule loading time was vastly improved for all clients, with the large clinics/heavy users experiencing up to a 500 percent improvement in their load times!

User Experience Upgrade

One of the major updates that we have launched is eform versioning.

This functionality will be automatically present on all newly created eforms, however, if you have some old favourite eforms, you’re able to add versioning to them as simple as going to your eform library, editing the eform and selecting the appropriate checkbox.

You will have two flavours of versioning, the first “Show only latest revision of eform template” will only ever save a single link to the echart regardless of editing the existing form or selecting and saving a new form.

The second option “Show only latest revision of eform instance” will only save one copy of a form if it’s edited and changes are made, but if you start a fresh copy of the form, it will display a new link for the new form as well.

An example would be if a lab requisition was created and saved, but a checkbox was missed, you would be able to edit the same form, make the changes and only the latest version will be shown in the echart. The next time the patient is seen and a new lab request is filled out, both the previous visit, and the new visit will have an independent eform link.

Regardless of which option you use for your eform, you will still be able to view previous revisions of each eform in the eform page and the “eform revisions” option.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we're always happy to hear from you.

Juno EMR Services
1-888-686-8560 x1

Monday, 28 May 2018

New EForm Generator

Exciting new feature announcement

Juno EMR Services (formerly OscarHost) is very excited today to publicly launch our new eForm generator for OSCAR McMaster. This new eForm generator is a big step towards all users being able to quickly add new forms to their EMR with minimal effort. Our team has been using and improving this new eForm generator for many months and our we now use it exclusively for the building of new forms for our clients. This new eForm generator allows us to generate online forms much quicker than we were previously able to do.

Watch a video on the new eForm generator here:

Some of our customers will already have seen and used this new eForm generator but many have not. All customers will have this new eForm generator integrated in their EMR when we upgrade them to OSCAR McMaster v15 over the next few months.

If you would like to access this new eForm generator and you don't currently have it integrated into your EMR you can login to our demonstration instance here:
username: demo
password: Demo1234
2nd level passcode: 1234

Some of the great new improvements of this new eForm generator include:
  • easy field alignment with snap lines
  • editing previous forms
  • easily moving previously placed fields
  • copy/paste fields
  • easily resize fields once placed
  • efax integration
Happy form building!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

We're listening.

We're listening.
Last week we sent out a feedback survey and we'd like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who took the time to fill it out and let you know, "We're really listening!" If you haven't had the chance to fill out the survey yet but would still like to you can do so by clicking here.

Overall the feedback we received was extremely positive but there were a number of places some customers felt we could improve. We'd like to take a quick moment here to address a couple of those and make sure everyone is aware of the resources we currently have available and some that will become available in the future.

1. eForms - One of the consistent pieces of feedback we received is that people wished eForms were more accessible for them. eForms are a big part of most of our customer's OSCAR experience and can save you a lot of time in your practice. The trouble with eForms is that while there are many eForms that are shareable across offices, many more are very local or even individual or need to be customized for a particular customer's experience. Here are some eForm resources you may not know about:
  • Did you know we have over 800 eForms available on our support portal at . These forms can be easily inserted into your OSCAR program by you or by our team for you. Email your requests to if you need help.
  • Thousands of eForms exist on the OSCAR usergroup website here:
  • Did you know you can create eForms yourself by using the eForm generator within the OSCAR admin? We can train you on how to use it yourself or you can watch the video here or this one here or download a guide here.
  • Did you know we can build eForms for you? Just email with the details of the form you're looking for. Sometimes there will be a small cost associated with creating a new form but we'll always let you know before beginning work.
2. Integrations - Did you know that OSCAR has an API that allows other software systems to connect to it securely? We already integrate with a few different external systems that can make life easier for our customers such as:
  • OceanMD
  • Cliniconex
  • Livecare
  • ClinicAid
  • MyHealthAccess
At Juno we are open to integrating with many different partners. If there is something you would like specifically from this list or another partner that has integrated with OSCAR please let us know.

3. Government and community involvement - Most of our customers probably aren't aware but at Juno EMR we are currently undergoing an ISO13485:2016 certification audit to have our service quality certified as a medical device. This certification will allow our company to apply for OntarioMD certification and get our Ontario customers access to OLIS and HRM. In BC we're a part of the MSVA and we've opened a dialogue with Doctors of BC and will be involved in their upcoming quarterly EMR vendor consultation meetings. In Alberta we're working with AHS to bring our automated lab integrations to every corner of the province.

Unfortunately, due to their restrictions, we've not been able to join the OscarEMR association of service providers but we continue to have an open dialogue with them about how we can work closer together in the future.

4. OSCAR v15 - We've been working hard to get all of our clients upgraded to v15 and progress has been slow but steady for many months now. Between testing, bug fixing, code improvements and new hardware acquisitions our team has been extremely busy with this upgrade. Many customers have been migrated already. Our goal is to have everyone upgraded by the end of the summer although customers with custom features may lag behind the pack.

Keep the feedback coming.
We're still working through ideas of how we can improve our services but in the meantime if you have any more feedback we would love to receive it at any time so please just email us at If you have any specific issues with using our service that we could fix for you now please also email us directly as the feedback survey was anonymous and we are not able to identify your comments there.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Love Juno? Spread the word! | Juno EMR Services Referral Program

Are you enjoying your Juno service?

We hope the answer is yes! If you've found our service an asset to your practice, please help us out by participating in our referral program. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues about what Juno EMR Services can do for them and we'll reward you with a $200 credit!

Want to refer your friends?

Referring is easy and you can do it in many ways. Here are some of the favorites we've seen:

  1. The classic word of mouth. Having coffee with a doctor friend? Are they interested in getting started with an EMR service or are they using one that isn't quite doing the trick? Let them know about Juno and give them some reasons why you went with us! Perhaps you didn't want the hassle of buying or installing new hardware in your office. Or maybe you love that we offer training and support. Whatever it is, let your friends know about Juno!
  2. The mass email. If you'd prefer to tell lots of friends about us in just a little bit of time, using email is a great way to communicate. Simply cc when sending an email to a list of friends that might be interested and we'll take it from there!
  3. The info package. If you want something a little more substantial, we can provide you with some information sheets to pass around either online or at monthly medical meetings you might be attending. The info sheet is a quick one-page overview of what Juno has to offer and has all of our contact information included.
  4. The link. You can also send your friends and colleagues our way by simply adding a link to our site on a blog, newsletter, or website you might be a part of. Or maybe you know someone that puts out a medical publication or some sort? We're always looking for more exposure so let them know to get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions for an article or feature and provide them with any information they need.

Feel free to use any of these approaches or whatever works for your busy schedule. If you like Juno, we're sure your network will too!

How it works

We keep track of all referrals to ensure that you get rewarded for your support. We've added a new "Referred by" field to our sign up form so make sure to tell your referred friend to fill our your name or the name of your clinic in that area. That way we can attribute their sign up to you and apply your $200 credit! Please note that we will only apply a credit for customers who come on board and will use Juno EMR Services past the free trial period.

If for some reason you're unhappy with the services that Juno has provided, please let us know and we'll do our best to solve your concerns.