Wednesday, 9 May 2018

We're listening.

We're listening.
Last week we sent out a feedback survey and we'd like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who took the time to fill it out and let you know, "We're really listening!" If you haven't had the chance to fill out the survey yet but would still like to you can do so by clicking here.

Overall the feedback we received was extremely positive but there were a number of places some customers felt we could improve. We'd like to take a quick moment here to address a couple of those and make sure everyone is aware of the resources we currently have available and some that will become available in the future.

1. eForms - One of the consistent pieces of feedback we received is that people wished eForms were more accessible for them. eForms are a big part of most of our customer's OSCAR experience and can save you a lot of time in your practice. The trouble with eForms is that while there are many eForms that are shareable across offices, many more are very local or even individual or need to be customized for a particular customer's experience. Here are some eForm resources you may not know about:
  • Did you know we have over 800 eForms available on our support portal at . These forms can be easily inserted into your OSCAR program by you or by our team for you. Email your requests to if you need help.
  • Thousands of eForms exist on the OSCAR usergroup website here:
  • Did you know you can create eForms yourself by using the eForm generator within the OSCAR admin? We can train you on how to use it yourself or you can watch the video here or this one here or download a guide here.
  • Did you know we can build eForms for you? Just email with the details of the form you're looking for. Sometimes there will be a small cost associated with creating a new form but we'll always let you know before beginning work.
2. Integrations - Did you know that OSCAR has an API that allows other software systems to connect to it securely? We already integrate with a few different external systems that can make life easier for our customers such as:
  • OceanMD
  • Cliniconex
  • Livecare
  • ClinicAid
  • MyHealthAccess
At Juno we are open to integrating with many different partners. If there is something you would like specifically from this list or another partner that has integrated with OSCAR please let us know.

3. Government and community involvement - Most of our customers probably aren't aware but at Juno EMR we are currently undergoing an ISO13485:2016 certification audit to have our service quality certified as a medical device. This certification will allow our company to apply for OntarioMD certification and get our Ontario customers access to OLIS and HRM. In BC we're a part of the MSVA and we've opened a dialogue with Doctors of BC and will be involved in their upcoming quarterly EMR vendor consultation meetings. In Alberta we're working with AHS to bring our automated lab integrations to every corner of the province.

Unfortunately, due to their restrictions, we've not been able to join the OscarEMR association of service providers but we continue to have an open dialogue with them about how we can work closer together in the future.

4. OSCAR v15 - We've been working hard to get all of our clients upgraded to v15 and progress has been slow but steady for many months now. Between testing, bug fixing, code improvements and new hardware acquisitions our team has been extremely busy with this upgrade. Many customers have been migrated already. Our goal is to have everyone upgraded by the end of the summer although customers with custom features may lag behind the pack.

Keep the feedback coming.
We're still working through ideas of how we can improve our services but in the meantime if you have any more feedback we would love to receive it at any time so please just email us at If you have any specific issues with using our service that we could fix for you now please also email us directly as the feedback survey was anonymous and we are not able to identify your comments there.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Love Juno? Spread the word! | Juno EMR Services Referral Program

Are you enjoying your Juno service?

We hope the answer is yes! If you've found our service an asset to your practice, please help us out by participating in our referral program. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues about what Juno EMR Services can do for them and we'll reward you with a $200 credit!

Want to refer your friends?

Referring is easy and you can do it in many ways. Here are some of the favorites we've seen:

  1. The classic word of mouth. Having coffee with a doctor friend? Are they interested in getting started with an EMR service or are they using one that isn't quite doing the trick? Let them know about Juno and give them some reasons why you went with us! Perhaps you didn't want the hassle of buying or installing new hardware in your office. Or maybe you love that we offer training and support. Whatever it is, let your friends know about Juno!
  2. The mass email. If you'd prefer to tell lots of friends about us in just a little bit of time, using email is a great way to communicate. Simply cc when sending an email to a list of friends that might be interested and we'll take it from there!
  3. The info package. If you want something a little more substantial, we can provide you with some information sheets to pass around either online or at monthly medical meetings you might be attending. The info sheet is a quick one-page overview of what Juno has to offer and has all of our contact information included.
  4. The link. You can also send your friends and colleagues our way by simply adding a link to our site on a blog, newsletter, or website you might be a part of. Or maybe you know someone that puts out a medical publication or some sort? We're always looking for more exposure so let them know to get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions for an article or feature and provide them with any information they need.

Feel free to use any of these approaches or whatever works for your busy schedule. If you like Juno, we're sure your network will too!

How it works

We keep track of all referrals to ensure that you get rewarded for your support. We've added a new "Referred by" field to our sign up form so make sure to tell your referred friend to fill our your name or the name of your clinic in that area. That way we can attribute their sign up to you and apply your $200 credit! Please note that we will only apply a credit for customers who come on board and will use Juno EMR Services past the free trial period.

If for some reason you're unhappy with the services that Juno has provided, please let us know and we'll do our best to solve your concerns.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cloud Practice Launches ClinicAid Web-Based Medical Billing in Saskatchewan

SASKATCHEWAN, Canada -- Cloud Practice Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its ClinicAid medical billing and practice management software in Saskatchewan. Healthcare practitioners in the province will now be able to significantly streamline their billing process, submitting claims to the Medical Services Branch (MSB) and receiving assessments on claims directly through the web-based platform.

ClinicAid is built to work with eHealth Saskatchewan’s Internet Claims Submission (ICS) system, allowing care providers or other authorized medical office staff to send and receive claim files electronically via a secure connection. The software is designed specifically to help practitioners bill MSB quickly and accurately while simplifying and automating some of the submission and reconciliation process.

Released in 2012, ClinicAid has quickly expanded to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers in Canada effectively manage their billing and overall medical practice. The software is currently available for direct online billing submission in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario as well.

With smart features like handy look-up tables for service and diagnostic codes, as well as lists of provincial referral providers, ClinicAid aims to save physicians time and money when filling out their claims. Invoice templates and other default settings facilitate claim submission in just a few steps. The intuitive interface and built-in claim checks also help users minimize their rejections, automatically reconcile claim assessments, and keep track of denied or underpaid claims for fast resubmission.

Clyde Smith, billing submitter for Dr. R. Smith and a long-time ClinicAid user has this to say about the software: “ClinicAid has been awesome to work with. The ease of use of the interface, coupled with the personal attention given by the support team has made ClinicAid a pleasure to work with. The system is always live and without glitches, making it very efficient and effective!”

Conveniently accessed from any device with an internet connection, ClinicAid allows users to complete their billing from anywhere, at any time. All skills and specialties are supported for electronic billing and the platform also comes with a private billing module to use for uninsured patients or services not covered by MSB. A comprehensive scheduling module can also be turned on to keep medical office staff on track throughout the day.

“We’ve used our experience in other provinces to make ClinicAid the easiest, most efficient way for providers in Saskatchewan to complete their medical billing.” says Jordan Visco, CEO of Cloud Practice. He goes on to highlight that “Our open API allows ClinicAid to integrate with any Electronic Medical Record system or other Practice Management software, opening up more options for medical practitioners of all kinds when it comes to their practice’s billing process and management needs.”

The software already integrates with popular EMR systems like OSCAR EMR, RevolutionEHR, InputHealth, and others, giving more providers access to the tools they need to make their workflow as smooth and speedy as possible.

For more details about the platform’s features or to begin a free trial, please visit ClinicAid Saskatchewan.

About Cloud Practice Inc.

Cloud Practice Inc. is a private Canadian company that owns ClinicAid, MyHealthAccess, and OscarHost. The company works to help Canadian healthcare practitioners and their patients take advantage of the benefits provided by implementing electronic, cloud-based medical records and software in their practice.


Cloud Practice, Inc.
Jordan Visco, 1-888-686-8560

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

What’s new at OscarHost

We’ve been quiet on the blog lately, but I am happy to announce this is going to change. From now on, we will be using the blog to let you, our users, know about upcoming updates and releases to OSCAR, and share any important news you should be aware of concerning OscarHost.

New Phone System
You might have noticed if you called us this week that our phone system has changed. Our phone number remains the same (1-888-686-8560), but our menu options have changed. To reach OscarHost support team, dial 1, then 2. You can also still contact us by email at

Next Release
March 23rd, 2017: We will be releasing an update on secure 26 and 27 at 1:00am local time.

How do I know which secure my OSCAR instance is related to?
To identify your secure number, look at the URL (the web address) displayed in your Internet browser when you are logged in to OSCAR. The first part of the URL, “secure#”, will tell you which one you are related to.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How far in advance are patients booking online

We recently ran some reports to find out how far in advance of their appointments patients are booking online with their physicians using MyHealthAccess. The full stats graph is below but here are some interesting takeaways:

1 - Approximately 50% of appointments are booked for the upcoming week and 78% are booked for within the next 2 weeks.
2 - More appointments are booked 1 day in advance than any other day.
3 - There is an interesting spike in patients booking exactly 1 week in advance of their appointments.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

There are more Doctors in Canada than ever before.. But why are less Canadians seeing a regular family Doctor?

Canadian MD graduates have increased by 60% over the past 10 years (i.e. 1,757 to 2,804). It would seem that this should mean that less patients would be flooding walk in clinics and emergency rooms with minor ailments.

Contrary to that notion, the percentage of men, women and children who have regular family doctors are not increasing at a sizable rate. Why would that be?

Perhaps it is because a good proportion of clinic have a 'Walk-in' option in their offices. Therefore patients choose to go to the most convenient clinic to their current location.

Or perhaps it is because the methods for remunerating doctors are changing across the country. Ontario for example, is using capitation, i.e., compensation based on the number of patients on a doctor’s roster, regardless of how often a patient sees their doctor. This allows doctors to take their time with each patient, since they are no longer paid per service required and each patient seen. Keep in mind, that there is a cap on the number of patients per doctor’s roster.

In any case, when Canadians need health services they need access to a doctor, and more and more people, are frequenting walk-in clinics.

Walk-in clinics have historically been an emergency resource for after-hours services, or for times when waiting a few days to see your GP would not be reasonable.  But today, with few doctors accepting new patients, there has been a significant increase in the number of people using walk in clinics for matters that would be appropriately dealt with seeing a family doctor(PAP tests, general health check-ups, etc.)

In June 2014, the college of Physicians and Surgeons of BC revised the professional standards for walk-in clinics to reflect this transition. Clinics are now required to keep detailed medical records of the patient, contact the patient regarding labs results, and offer follow-up appointments if patients do not have access to their own GP, as well as have access to Pharmanet BC, the provincial database that tracks current prescriptions and histories. This ensures a proper paper trail of medical records so a doctor can better diagnose each patient.

There is something to be said for the bond developed between a GP and patient. They usually have a rich context of medical history, sometimes going back generations. He/She has time to review your chart before they meet with you, which allows them to diagnose you with confidence.

You are generally able to get in and out of the office relatively quickly and stress free. Walk-in clinics, on the other hand, often have wait times of 15 minutes to 2 hours.  This can make an already uncomfortable situation even worse. Not to mention that without a proper medical history, how can a doctor be expected to properly treat complex concerns..?

In conclusion, as Canadians, we have access to free health care, and we are all responsible to take care of our own health. Wherever we seek treatment we can be sure Canadian doctors will always treat us to the best of their abilities.

Friday, 29 April 2016

When do patients book online?

We've been running our MyHealthAccess online booking program with customers for over a year now and more and more appointments are being booked every month. We gathered some aggregated statistics on online bookings for the past 4 weeks and wanted to share with you some interesting graphs on when patients are using our system to book online in terms of days of the week and hours of the day.

What day of the week are patients bookings online?

  As you can see the busiest day of the week is Monday which drops steadily off until the weekend when online bookings are at their lowest. Interestingly this likely mimics phone system demands in most primary care offices.

What time of day are patients booking online?

As you can see the most popular times are around 8am to around 2pm. The demand spikes early in the morning after 6am, peaks at 9am and then declines slowly to midnight. There is a an interesting spike around 9-10pm which suggests patients are putting off booking an appointment until just before they go to bed... perhaps because up until that point they aren't certain that they need one!

42% of these appointments are being booked outside of normal phone hours of most clinics and many more are being booked on weekends. MyHealthAccess is making a positive difference for patients allowing them to book their healthcare appointments when it is most convenient for them.